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7 Flooring Trends to See Before Your Next Renovation

Updated: May 23, 2023

Updating, transformation, or refurbishment, are all aspects that human beings yearn for as time passes, and we spend extended periods in the same environment. Fortunately, with technological progress, improving your flooring or completely replacing it no longer necessitates a significant expenditure of time or funds. Acquire knowledge about the seven contemporary flooring patterns that have emerged this year and elect which one aligns with your preference!

Hex Tiles

This exquisitely modernized floor design has emerged as one of the most coveted tile flooring motifs in 2023! These floors exude a bustling and dynamic look that is ideally suited for installation in a sleek and stripped-down setting, such as bathrooms, to accentuate the floors and elevate the room's overall aesthetic allure.

  • Hexagon tiles gained traction in the 20th century

While predominantly utilized in kitchens and bathrooms, these tiles can function as spectacular enhancements to living rooms and various other spaces as well. Their versatility knows no bounds and allows for the creation of a broad spectrum of visual motifs, ranging from an old-world vintage charm to a refined and sophisticated allure, or even a cutting-edge and sleekly contemporary appearance.

Terrazzo Flooring

This year, in 2019, this style of flooring has taken the world by storm! Not only are homeowners and business establishments clamoring for this distinctive flooring to add a touch of vivacity to their spaces, but this is not the first occasion that this trend has enjoyed such widespread appeal. The first instance of this flooring motif's appearance dates back to the 18th century, when it was introduced in Venice as an inexpensive alternative to marble that delivered a comparable visual impact and became popular amongst many homeowners seeking to adorn their dwellings.

Throughout the 19th century, the fortunes of terrazzo flooring experienced fluctuation, owing to the burgeoning popularity of alternative interior design options in the United States, such as carpeting, wood flooring, and porcelain tiles.

As the aforementioned flooring options attained the peak of their popularity, terrazzo flooring transitioned predominantly into commercial usage as the 20th century dawned. However, with the rise of a pared-down, sleekly minimalist aesthetic among contemporary homeowners and buyers, terrazzo flooring has resurged in demand and looks set to retain its place as a prominent flooring trend for the foreseeable future.

Wide Plank White Oak

One of the most notable features of these floors is their remarkable durability. Why is durability such a crucial consideration for wood flooring, you ask? Well, while many wood floors are aesthetically pleasing, they tend to be somewhat fragile, which is where white oak comes in to revolutionize the game!

White oak floors boast a lustrous, bright complexion comprised of natural, light tones and are available in a variety of textures to suit your preferences. One of the primary benefits of opting for this particular type of wood flooring is the tremendous flexibility it provides in terms of color options. Additionally, there are several different textures available to you, such as brushed surfaces, footworn surfaces, and hand-scraped edges, which are among the most sought-after by consumers.

Herringbone Hardwood

The distinctive style of this hardwood flooring installation has a fascinating origin story. It draws inspiration from ancient structures like old churches, which were constructed centuries ago. In fact, the roots of this flooring type can be traced back to Egypt.

The unique style of this hardwood flooring installation is achieved by using small block-like pieces of wood arranged in a pattern resembling the skeleton of a fish. This design is known for its timeless elegance. Different colors of wood can be used throughout the pattern to create a more varied and interesting look.

Polished Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring has undergone a transformation in recent years. Previously associated with industrial settings and garages, concrete is now becoming a popular choice for modern homes. Polished concrete floors create a sleek and minimalist look, and are also a sustainable flooring option due to their longevity and resistance to damage.

Polished concrete floors have a versatile aesthetic and can complement any style of home decor. Pairing wood and other complementary materials can enhance the appearance of the concrete floors. Additionally, these floors are highly durable and resistant to water, staining, scratching, wear and tear, and impacts.

Whitewashed Wide Plank Floors

Whitewashed hardwood floors have become popular for creating relaxed and beachy interior designs in homes. This trend originated in California and has since spread to other parts of the country.

Whitewashed hardwood floors are also perfect for the newly trending farmhouse style. They create a rustic and charming atmosphere, and the worn-out look of the floors is highly appreciated. The whitewashed color also adds brightness to the home, making the space appear larger and more relaxing.

Glossy Black Hardwood Flooring

Black hardwood floors are an elegant flooring style that can create a striking contrast in a well-lit room. When paired with light-colored walls, furniture, and natural light, these floors can become the centerpiece of the room.

This is a modern and minimalist flooring style that has been gaining popularity for the past decade and has now become very popular. If you didn't install these floors, updating them is a much more cost-effective option. These floors are ideal for homes without pets and children.

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