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San Diego Decorative Concrete

If you are looking for decorative concrete, you have come to right place.

Unique Flooring Solutions


What You Need to Know About Our Decorative Concrete Flooring Solutions


Are you tired of having plain and uninteresting concrete floors? Are you wondering how you can give your floors a makeover without the hassle and cost of replacing the entire slab? Unlike other contractors in San Diego who might suggest replacing your slab, our honest concrete company has the perfect solution for you - our decorative concrete systems!


 Our decorative concrete floor coatings include a variety of options such as

  • Stamped concrete

  • Concrete stains

  • Rustic wood flooring


These coatings not only improve the appearance of your floors, but also enhance their performance. If you want to learn more about our decorative concrete systems and how they can transform your space, feel free to contact us today for a free quote without any obligation!


Stamped Concrete Overlays

Endless Customization and Durability

epoxy full flake floor

Stamped concrete overlays are a highly sought-after form of decorative concrete for various reasons. One of the main advantages of using stamped concrete is its ability to imitate the beautiful finishes found in nature. With stamped concrete, it's possible to create finishes that resemble natural stone, intricate paver patterns, and even slate. This makes stamped concrete an excellent choice for those looking to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their outdoor spaces.


One of the great things about stamped concrete is its ability to be customized to blend in with its surroundings, making it a popular choice for driveways and pool decking. However, there are no limits to where stamped concrete can be used. Some families are using it in their main living areas, and businesses are starting to incorporate it into their walkways and retail centers as part of their decorative concrete systems. This versatility makes stamped concrete a practical option for enhancing the appearance of any space.


No matter how you look at it, stamped concrete is a practical option for any area that experiences light to medium usage. It offers resistance to damage caused by heavy foot traffic, some dropped objects, and even harsh chemicals when paired with high-quality sealers. This durability makes stamped concrete a reliable choice for areas that see frequent use, ensuring that it can withstand the test of time.

concrete grinding

Concrete Polishing

Just a decade ago, polished concrete was primarily used in commercial and industrial facilities. However, due to the advancements and expertise of concrete polishing contractors and companies, we now see a growing trend of residential clients having their concrete polished. Today's market reflects this shift, with polished concrete becoming increasingly popular for residential spaces.


There's good reason for this trend, as the level of customization for concrete polishing is now higher than ever. With a professional installation for your concrete polishing project, you can incorporate stains, logos, and varying levels of sheen in your sealer to bring your home or business into the future. These options provide a unique and personalized touch to your concrete surfaces, elevating their appearance to the next level.

Concrete Stains

Concrete staining is one of the top ways to enhance the appearance of traditional concrete flooring systems or to create even more exotic finishes using our stylish concrete floor coatings.


We offer multiple types of stains that can produce different results depending on the application. The most commonly used stains are acid-based stains and penetrating stains, as they offer better durability than film-forming stains.


Penetrating stains use colored pigments to create a solid color effect and are highly resistant to fading. Acid-based stains, on the other hand, react with the chemicals in the concrete to create a marble-like appearance.

concrete stain and seal



Coatings Places where decorative concrete can be applied

The disappointing truth regarding concrete is that it is inevitably subject to deterioration, regardless of its age, frequency of usage, or location. The existence of cracks and abrasions is a natural component of the life cycle for even standard concrete flooring systems. The real challenge, however, is how to eliminate the damage. Or is it truly a challenge?


We have a proficient technique that can preserve you an enormous sum of money and, more importantly, time in comparison to the alternative of ripping out and restoring your concrete. This exceptional method is known as concrete resurfacing.


Take note, this approach should solely be performed by professionals to ensure that your concrete reaps all the advantages it deserves post-completion of the process. By referring to the adjacent section, you can discover the most prevalent areas that can be resurfaced with one of our stylish decorative concrete flooring systems! Moreover, we offer a wide array of flooring solutions that you can explore.

Consider these benefits:

Driveways: Driveways are subjected to constant physical and environmental strain, enduring around the clock. For this reason, we advise opting for brushed concrete overlays and stamped concrete, as they provide robustness and resistance against such wear and tear.

Pool Decks Due to its exposure to abrasive chemicals and constant foot traffic, your flooring undergoes severe stress. However, with stamped concrete, rustic wood flooring, and a myriad of other options available for resurfacing, you can effectively revamp your flooring and fortify it against further damage.

Commercial Resurfacing: When it comes to commercial resurfacing, polished concrete is the most prevalent method used. However, for commercial facilities, epoxy floor coatings are also a favored choice due to their durability and versatility.

Patios: patio resurfacing commonly uses materials such as stamped concrete and stained concrete.

Garage Floors: Like commercial facilities, garage floors are great candidates for polished concrete, stamped concrete and epoxy flooring for resurfacing.

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Wood Stamped Concrete

Rustic Wood Flooring

Out perform Traditional Wood Flooring

Undoubtedly, one of the most revolutionary forms of decorative concrete is the innovative technique of wood stamped concrete. With the use of authentic hardwood for creating stamping stencils, wood stamped concrete appears almost identical to traditional hardwood flooring while outperforming it in terms of durability and resilience.


Rustic wood flooring, in particular, is preferred over hardwood as it requires minimal maintenance. Unlike hardwood, you need not worry about sanding, varnishing, or repainting your wood stamped concrete. The only significant upkeep required is the replacement of its sealer every 5-7 years.

Decorative concrete

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